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The Company

Scantist is an upcoming cyber-security start-up which focuses on providing vulnerability detection services to enterprise clients.


Scantist is a spin-off company founded in 2016 working to commercialize the vulnerability research carried out at Cyber Security Lab at Nanyang Technological University.


Scantist is committed towards building a cyber-secure society not just in Singapore, but also across the globe.


To provide cyber-security solutions that ensures the security and reliability of critical IT infrastructure employed by businesses and government agencies globally.


To enable organizations to fully utilize IT solutions and focus on core business functions without having to worry about possible cyber-security risks.


Software Composition Analysis

Scan for known vulnerabilities, security bugs and licensing risks at the source-code level.

What is Software Composition Analyis (SCA)?

Software Composition Analysis is the process of creating an inventory list of open-source and commercial code dependencies for your software - with an aim to identify any security and legal risks that may arise from such dependencies.

Why do you need it?

43% of developers release code with known-vulnerabilities 80% of the time, exposing organizations to security risks. On the other side, the need for fast-development cycles can lead to unlicensed re-use of code that can cost organizations millions. SCA helps mitigate both these risks.

The Scantist Advantage

Scantist's propreitary SCA runs at the true source-code level, analyzing every line of code for possible risks. The granularity of this approach, complimented by an extensive database of open-source libraries and their vulnerabilities ensures results that are unparalleled in the SCA domain.

Want to know more?

Great, we would love to help you get started. You can download the information sheet here, or feel free to reach out to us at

Scantist's SCA is now available!

Try out the tool for C/C++ projects with a FREE TRIAL of our premium offering.


Binary Vulnerability Analysis

Scan for vulnerabilities in binary programs without a need for source code

Cross-Platform Support

We provide vulnerability detection services for all softwares, regardless of the platform they are developed for.

Faster Results

With the help of our proprietary technology, we are able to analyze your applications for vulnerabilities faster.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our comprehensive analysis ensures we find vulnerabilities introduced not just during development, but also during compilation.

No Source Code

Our analysis techniques do not require access to your source code - allowing you to keep your business logic private.

Extensive Coverage

Our analysis algorithms are trained to ensure maximum code-coverage, ensuring the completeness of the analysis.


We price our solutions based on your needs and requirements so that you can avoid unnecessary costs.

Learn more about our binary-analysis services by clicking here.

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