Transform Into A DevSecOps Professional

Lead DevSecOps initiatives within your organisation as you get hands-on in over half-dozen state-of-the-art tools that are essential to architecting DevSecOps pipelines.

NTU-Scantist DevSecOps Professional & Tools Course

Upskill with Advanced Skills

Stay at the forefront of industry trends, ensuring you are an invaluable DevSecOps asset to your organization.

Cost-Efficient Operations

Streamline operations, reduce costs and optimize resource allocation, ultimately improving your bottom line as you become an industry certified DevSecOps professional.

Ecosystem Strengthening

Gain industry experience through On-The-Job training with DevSecOps tools. Strengthen your ecosystem, fostering collaboration and enhancing the overall performance of your organization.

Who can Join

The DevSecOps Professional & Tools Course is designed for anyone working in or transitioning to a DevOps environment. The program is advantageous for anyone who wants to understand where to add security checks, testing, and other controls to cloud and DevOps Continuous Delivery pipelines.

Comprehensive Understanding of DevSecOps

Master DevSecOps history, processes, and risk management techniques. And establish target DevSecOps outcomes and efficiently manage stakeholders.

Robust Pipeline Architecting

Architect DevSecOps pipelines following industry best practices. Learn how to implement baseline DevOps pipelines and secure them with monitoring tools.

Continuous Security Assurance

Upskill to secure DevOps pipelines to achieve DevSecOps outcomes. Ensure DevSecOps continuity, reliability, and compliance for consistently secure projects.


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NTU-Scantist DevSecOps Professional & Tools Course

Prepare to dive into the world of DevSecOps, where innovation and security intersect to create a brighter digital future. Together, we'll equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in this dynamic field.

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