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Scantist’s developer-first tools can be seamlessly integrated at any point of your organisation’s software development life cycle to help you manage and remediate your open source risks
- so developers can focus on building what they love.
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Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Identifies security and legal risks in application source-codes and binaries arising from the use of open-source libraries and components.
Binary Analysis

Scantist supports true binary analysis – going beyond strings and hashes and all things trivial to find open-source risks in applications that are critical to your organisation.

Setting up a reliable development and deployment pipeline is no mean feat. Scantist’s SCA is built to integrate seamlessly into your development toolchain – from IDEs to source repositories to CI/CD tools, we have it all covered.

With our dependency graph, you get complete visibility of the open-source components and how they are being introduced in your application – making sure you’re never blindsided when an issue pops-up.

Our knowledge graph continuously maps out shared and recurring security and legal risks across your applications, helping you prioritise and speed-up your remediation efforts.

Smart Fuzzer (DAST)

Dynamically scans for unknown vulnerabilities at the source code and binary level while being architecture and platform agnostic.
Binary-Level Analysis

Scantist Smart Fuzzer is capable of scanning applications at the binary level – thanks to our proprietary dynamic instrumentation techniques. This ensures that we uncover vulnerabilities introduced throughout the software lifecycle - from development stage as well as at the compilation stage.

Our unique static analysis combines existing vulnerability signatures and metrics to efficiently detect potential vulnerable functions that are prioritized by the Smart Fuzzer. Cross-platform, vulnerability- oriented dynamic detection is also deployed to discover vulnerability triggers.

Our scanning technology supports multiple platforms and architectures, including Windows/Linux and Intel (x86/x64)/ARM/MIPS/PowerPC among others. And we do this without any emulation – ensuring near-native speed for faster turnaround times.

Our tools are built to maximize coverage by ensuring every critical component of your application is analysed. With seed prioritization, our Smart Fuzzer constantly adapts to ensure every corner use- case of your application is tested for.

Vulnerability analysis is incomplete without a report that is not only detailed, but also actionable. We provide you with comprehensive post-analysis reports to better secure your application – including crash logs and potential vulnerable inputs.

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