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Scantist provide the most comprehensive application security out there - scanning source-code and binaries for vulnerabilities with unparalleled accuracy so you find more of what is important.

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Why Scantist?
Application Security is a challenge – and we know that because we are software developers ourselves! Which is why we built solutions that are seamless and laser-focussed on helping you find and fix vulnerabilities.
Fast and easy to use - actionable insights and targeted remediation with minimum effort. And of course, our plug-and-play integrations fit right into your existing workflows.
If you can see it, you can secure it. Be it source-code, binaries, or containers – our analysis engines can scan right through to uncover potential vulnerabilities.
False positives be gone. 16 TB of machine-analysed and expert-curated security data ensures that you never waste your time on false alarms.
Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
Identifies security and legal risks in application source-codes and binaries arising from the use of open-source libraries and components.
Smart Fuzzer (DAST)
Dynamically scans for unknown vulnerabilities at the source code and binary level while being architecture and platform agnostic.
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